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1/17/2016 11:21:51 PM

Bored with nothing to do

Ok before the trolls and fanboys start responding let me just start by saying that this post is more of a question rather than a criticism. For the last few weeks I feel that there isn't much to do in game world. I got my challenge, NF (yeah I do it weekly) and legendary marks stuff done playing sporadically. I even helped a kinderguardian do some stuff and helped in quite a few exotic missions (swords, ToM) and random carries. I don't feel motivated enough to finish hard raid or visit lighthouse. Pre-TTK there was still more with less content but now I feel its a bit of drag if you don't want to kill Oryx or play ToO. Am I missing something or its same for you lot too? Happy to help others in missions but just feel lazy for other stuff. XB1 add/msg me on same GT if you need some help I am lock and titan 314/312...

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