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1/16/2016 3:14:46 AM

Update 1.18 is Broken

Alright. So I bought this awful game vanilla version on ps3 when it came out, thinking, "Oh man, this looks great! (Didn't know it was awful because they didn't let anyone review the game until a week after release, so they could dupe a ton more people. Man I should have just sent back this game. )blah blah blah... less than 2 months and I'm tired of it. Stop playing and go play Battlefield 3 or whatever I feel like that day for several months. Come back, y'know, give it a chance again, fairly large update, not surprised. Downloads fine and I play for another month or two and stop again a few days after the TTK update. I did not buy any dlc at all, but with the new update I lost all my Vanguard and Crucible Marks, and I couldn't buy hardly anything except exotic weapon engrams containing guns only from YEAR ONE. So I'm punished for not buying the crappy dlc because the level required for everything is higher than the cap for the vanilla game. So I'm like, screw this sh!t, back to a game that isn't stealing all my money. Fast forward to a little after x-mas 2015, my dad says he'd buy me legendary edition, and I said I'd use the dlc codes but not the game that came with it so all my hours of playing didn't go to waste. Put the game in to see if it has any updates I need to take care of and then test play it to make sure it's working so my dad doesn't waste money on it. I see I have to download this 1.18 update. So I try, it's at 0/4, (somehow I got it to download and install half of them, so now I'm at 1/2) it keeps making my system restart, or it says error after one percent. I don't know how an update could be this scewy, the TTK update went in fine, even though it took a while. This update doesn't work, and if it doesn't work by a couple days, I'm just going to buy Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline or something that isn't retarded. I would get some other game, but I'm still on ps3 because I can't afford a next gen console. So thanks for wasting my time, Bunghole.

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