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publicado originalmente en: So I tried the Totems cheese today...
1/14/2016 2:22:04 PM
The reason that this is being done in MOST cases is down to Bungie's inability to iron out the glitches i.e and im sure most people will agree with this: When the pass of the brand should happen on the totem with both of you on there and 100% clearing your deathsingers and it just not passing when you are on the last cycle. Yes with an experienced group you can time your run so that if it doesnt pass you can pick up the brand on the way and meet half way with just enough time to save the totem. With respects to the difficulty level, i would say the 2 sword guys have to be on the ball as they have to deal with adds, boomers and anything not mopped up in the middle with minimal ammo. I dont mind doing it either way as long as the job gets done and i think that is the point here. Its always good to have a plan B if the game is so damn glitchy you cant do it the way it was meant to be done.

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