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Here's the "Truth"! if you've read Bungie's "update" about their response to their crippling reviews and thousands of fan losses, here's what I'm understanding. So...for $20 more, on top of the still current $40! We veterans can get...wait for it, like 6-9 class exotic class items. So for the price of the ENTIRE House of Wolves, you can get some cosmetic least that's how I understand it. So it seems that everything that we said was ignored, insulted, and degraded from its intended value. The expansion's director even had the audacity to blame his horribly worded comments as "sarcastic...and blunt". This to me is a classic Bungie/Activision cop out. So if you already have everything up to this point. Now, you still have to pay $40. You can get some class crap and the CE items for $20, bringing the grand total of the "collectors like" package to $60. So our entire fight and continued struggle over the disrespect and disloyalty that Bungie has shown us, is a $20 discount? That's it? Correct me if I understood it wrong, but I read through it a couple times...and I was appalled. Could I really pay for it if I wanted? Yes of course. Do I want to reward fake promises and half-hearted gestures though? No. We won't stop Bungie :). Show some respect to the people who built your damn player base and treat us better. And get Activision's slimy hand out of your ass. Don't apologize with words, Luke, show us with actions. Then I'll believe you. Until next time my dear friends. I share your feelings and sadness. *hugs all of you* So, stop being such a thorn in our side Bungie, and then we'll start giving you more patience and time. EDIT 1: Keep going guardians :), we'll keep fighting until we're heard. Make sure you put the tag #VeteransUnite in your posts in case they delete you. Here's a post the sums up my frustrations and an awesome article by Business Insider that slams Bungie/Activision, again! EDIT 2: Good job guys! We're on highest rated and trending!! Nice! I'll post some screenshots for awesomeness :)![user]=128766125&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0[user]=128766125&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1 EDIT 3: It's a good thing I took those screen shots. Guess my post was removed from highest rating, like so many posts before mine? Yeah Bungie, we already know that you're a bunch of morons, you don't need to keep proving it.

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