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Editado por Calaway049: 1/13/2016 12:54:05 AM

So I tried the Totems cheese today...

Tried getting in a full raid before work. I had about two and a half hours, and joined a fireteam that was all 317+. Everyone in the group had a working mic, sounded adult, and acted mature. As we started the raid, there was no talk of who's doing this or are we using that strategy. Always a good sign. We get to totems with minimum effort and zero setbacks. As we get to the totems, it happens. The fireteam leader asks if we know the totems cheese. Everyone says yes, and agrees its faster and easier. I stay silent, unsure of how to react. I've heard of the cheese before, and know how to do it in concept. Before today, I had the same opinion of this cheese as I did the no-knight strat; if it gets the job done, and without too much hassle, I don't care. However, after a full hour on totems we had no success. Most of the fireteam at this point agreed we should just do the normal strategy, but the fireteam leader was adamant. He claimed if we did the normal strat, we would wipe more and take longer. Considering he was the one that died EVERY TIME, I had enough. For the first time in months, I rage quit a raid. Never again will I suffer through the totems cheese. If you insist on it, I'm just going to grab the cp and leave. The warpriest will NOT deem you worthy. Tl;Dr Kings Fall totems cheese is for noobs who can't do the easiest reward stage of the raid.

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