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I turned left, did I want to go right?

So I just got done reading a post about dreams, and it got me to thinking about my experiences. *Thanks go out to user Cleo.* Have you ever had that super ultra realistic dream, where you were falling and as you start to fall you jerk awake? Well have you had that same dream, but instead of waking up you actually hit the bottom? Well I have, and I bet some of you have too. Let's go deeper down this rabbit hole, shall we? I have had many experiences in these type of dreams, some are good, some are bad. I have felt pain beyond imagination, and likewise I have felt extreme pleasure, I have seen family die in front of me, only to wake up to them shaking me awake! I have lived whole other lives inside my head, felt a whole range of emotions, that I have never felt in real life, but I know those other emotions just like I have felt them my whole life! And I ask myself why? Maybe I'm rambling, maybe I'm mad! I have been married more times than I can count in those dreams, if that's what you want to call them? I have seen the same family member born, more times than you can imagine, or more times than they weren't. Many paths have been taken to get where we are today, and many paths were not. If I had gone left instead of right, if I had met her instead of him, if I had done this instead of that. The other me has gone right, the other you has gone left, these are not just dreams these are the what ifs, that we have taken in another world.

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