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1/5/2016 10:02:03 PM

Glitches and a Broken Game? TAKEN WARS - ISSUES (with a lot of things) - Poll - Fix Matchmaking/Encounter Issues?

Yes, I paid good money for this game


The game is hindered by bad forced online features


Why can't there be an offline mode????


Why is Bungie so bad with the spawn rate and execution of these DLCs. First and still, it's impossible to do any missions or quests from previous DLCs, and or getting things like ether keys or certain drops from enemies, Bungie has completeley abandoned the first year community. The pricing of the Taken King was also still absurdly expensive for making the rest of the game unplayable. My main issue here is that the matchmaking system, or lack there-of in Destiny is really an issue. If you don't play the game right when the DLC comes out, then it's impossible to find anyone to help on the quests. I've posted all over the place and LFG, and most forums are dead for any of the non-raid quests. I wouldn't mind this since I would have certainly enjoyed playing the game on offline mode or single player mode (which of course requires PS+ and a steady internet connection that destiny approves of) The spawn rates and distances between the taken lieutenants and the ability to get to one side of the damn map without having the game say that the "corruption subsides" right when you are finally able to locate the last taken lieutenant. Several times now I've had the Taken champion down to a few shots left, and of course the RNG that bungie loves spawns an infinite amount of blight chucking taken, that instantly kill you right when the "corruption subsides." Completeing one damn quest shouldn't be this infuriating. WHY REQUIRE A FIRETEAM IF YOU MAKE NO MEANS TO DO SO?????? BORDERLANDS AND GOOD JRPG GAMES have algorithms to alter the levels of the charachters based on how many people are in a fireteam, so why can't this game that has taken so much of people's time and money? FIX THESE GLITCHES BUNGIE! I shouldn't have to scour the internet to find one or two people willing to help me finish off these bosses. I understand there being a time limit, but if you make it impossible for you to beat these damn things on your own, MAKE A GOOD WAY TO HAVE MATCHMAKING, NOT BASED RANDOMLY ON YOUR INTERNET and the odd chance that someone is in the same area of the map you are at the same time!

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