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1/4/2016 1:56:41 AM

Any other side arm users?

So with the drop of the Iron Banana and return of Lord Salad, I've found myself in a predicament. 1) I'm an aggressive Zone capper/defender 2) I'm not good with snipers I've accepted that 3) I love to use auto rifles (my TITAN has my favorite) so I love close encounters 4) I hate to camp in the back. So I'm one of those weird players that like to use weapons that aren't supposed to be "meta" so this IB, I walked away from my matador shotgun and started using my [b][u]GOD[/u][/b] roll of a sidearm. And I have been loving it! -It's a great counter to shotgun rushers, back peddling and ramming rounds in their face till they drop. -It's also great when used in cover when people are trying to rush zones, you pop out and hammer a few rounds out, pop back behind cover. -I've also noticed they have GREAT accuracy while firing while in the air, this is good for those hiding behind rocks, or around corners, you jump over the rocks, or jump through a door and fire rounds into the top of their head. My preferred sidearm. [b][u]Jabberhakke-D[/u][/b] Sureshot-IS Hotswap Zen Movement High caliber rounds TL:DR I've been loving sidearms now with the shotgun nerf, who else likes them?

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