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Have You Ever Seen a UFO?

So does the flood have any UFO experiences? Have any of your friends or family seen a UFO? Do you believe in UFOs? This summer I had a UFO sighting. And before people chime in with "Chinese lantern, helicopter, satellite etc." I'm sure it wasn't any of these things. I didn't even believe in UFOs before this experience but seeing is definitely believing and I have no doubt in my mind now that UFOs exist. This is my story if you're interested (great wall of text incoming): I was staying up at my cottage alone for the week. It was a hot night and I couldn't sleep so I decided to take a pillow and lay on the shoreline to watch the stars. After a few minutes I saw a satellite-type object coming out of the south horizon. It moved at variable speeds, hovering at times, making small loops, moving straight at times, very erratic. It continued moving this way until it was directly overhead (took around 15 mins total to travel that distance). Then it slowly made its way back towards the east. My cottage is on an isolated bay with open water for about a km until there are 2 islands. As I was watching this first object I saw a bright light glowing through the trees of the right island, then a white orb roughly 10-15 feet in diameter came into view (nothing blocked my line of sight) it crossed the open section of water while making no noise. Illuminated shoreline, it hovered at a constant 5-10 feet above the water and followed the shoreline of the left island before disappearing around the far side of the island, where light could still be seen glowing through the trees. It then came into view once more as it crossed the open water in the opposite direction as the first time. In view for roughly 1 minute. Did not land or stop, did not see it come down or go up. After this event there were around 10 objects similar to the first scattered throughout the sky at varying altitudes. I continued watching for over an hour before going inside to go to the bathroom, when I came back out they were gone. They didn't seem like a ship of any kind. They were just glowing white spheres, but without a distinct place they were glowing from, more like a gradient of bright in the middle fading to dimmer at the outside. However, the ones that were farther away sometimes seemed to give the impression of facing a certain direction, even then it was unclear any distinct shape but more of a feeling.

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