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Editado por NegativeZone856: 3/9/2015 5:33:29 PM

Class Differentiation

One thing that I feel could use some work in Destiny is how similar the player classes are to each other in terms of how they play. Whatever class you pick, well, your character's super and one or two of their other abilities will stand out, but otherwise you mostly just grab whatever primary weapon you like, pick special weapon and heavy weapon types that suit you (that the game will give you, anyway, why do you do this to me RNGesus) and.... Shoot dudes, clinging to a piece of cover. Occasionally throwing grenades at them, occasionally punching/stabbing/glowy blasting at them… I had some ideas for giving each class a more defined role. One of them would be making the Armor/Agility/Recovery stats matter more: having a lot of Armor doesn't make you suddenly able to tank abuse, you still have to rush behind cover the moment a sniper has shot you once; having maxed Agility doesn't do much more than making you eventually outdistance your friends if you all sprint for a minute, or jump marginally higher and farther so that you can screw around on pieces of level geometry in the Vault of Glass or at the Tower more easily; and more Recovery doesn't change anything noticeably- your shields generally recharge extremely fast once they do eventually start recharging, and making that part marginally faster is too little, too late. There isn’t really a noticeable difference from fiddling around with the various stat modifying abilities on your skill tree. Going from 1/3 of the Armor bar to 2/3 should really allow you something like sponging another sniper hit than you already could, or an extra burst of projectiles from a normal weapon; increased Agility should make you annoyingly speedy and difficult to hit, and give you more opportunities to attack from unexpected angles with much improved jumping; and better Recovery should make it so that ducking behind cover long enough to break up an opponent’s attempt to kill you should get you some of your shield back, due to a faster recharge which started sooner. With that change in place, each class’s primary attribute would have more meaning, making Titans pieces of mobile cover, Warlocks cockroach like in their ability to bounce back from abuse if not finished off, and Hunters much more difficult to pin down, getting to places other classes can’t or at least not as quickly. I have some other ideas, but they have some problems; namely, they need some work, and I feel like they might be changes only I think would be good things. Making those sliding bars on the level up screen actually mean something would be a significant step toward making classes more than an aesthetic decision in areas other than what super ability you get to occasionally use.

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