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Editado por Sohan22: 12/17/2015 3:14:46 PM

GG Back on top! lol Bungie pathetic again

Well, here we are, back to the way things were. the scrubby GG hunters got their way and GG is now, yet again, by far, the best sub class in the game. Trip mine grenades = best grenade in the game. Scavenger = one of the best perks in the game to get more trip mines. Golden Gun is by far the best super in the game. Guaranteed multikill every time you pop it. And now, there is absolutely nothing that can counter a GG. Meanwhile, hammer blast radius is decreased, tracking is decreased, armor during super is decreased, and actual amount of damage done is decreased. Are you -blam!-ING KIDDING ME BUNGIE. YOU -blam!-ING SUCK AT YOUR JOBS. You're not supposed to nerf every part of an entire sub class. You guys are clowns. I like how their reasoning behing the nerf was due to the fact that HoS players had the highest average k/d. Yet, GG users have had the highest average k/d SINCE DAY 1!!! And they were never -blam!-ing nerfed. Again, -blam!- YOU BUNGIE. Learn how to make a -blam!-ing game. HoS is absolutely unplayable. You can hit a guy dead in the face with your hammer and he doesn't die. I leave you with this: Watch the first video and tell me how the -blam!- that guy doesn't die. Edit: forgot, Ahamkara's spine, one of the best exotics in the game, trip mines for days! Edit: For the love of God, watch the video before you tell me getting kills with hammers is easy. (you may have to be signed in to with Microsoft account)
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