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Do You Agree With Derek Caroll's Quote Guardians?

Completely Makes Sense! No OPMM!


Completely Makes no Sense! Add OPMM!


Derek Carroll Quote: “Trials of Osiris, [b]Because it is an In-game activity[/b] we want you to bring a pre-made fireteam. we will find you enemies but we won’t find you friends.” before we continue you should check out my other thread [url=][/url] . This quote is the reason why their is no OPTIONAL Match Making for Trials of Osiris to form a team. now if we they continue to persist this to be their philosophy why does mostly every other [b]IN-GAME ACTIVITY [/b]have MM. this is a complete contradiction of their Philosophy. Will you Continue to remain ignored? or is enough enough? lets share this Shooter World! :D [b]Those Who Agree with Quote DO understand you are saying their Should Be No Match-Making At All For Any activity! meaning you would need to use the bungie app or other LFG dites to begin any Activity![/b] Bump and Like this Post to Spread Awareness guardians! You can Shape your Destiny! Never Stop Shining!

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