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Three of Coins; Fair Treatment?

With the change to Three of Coins: This seems to quell the spam killing of Draksis "Scourge of Winter" or the Gatelord farming. But what about those groups who are efficiently skilled at killing tier 3 antiquated runes for their "three of coin" drops. Will that be directly affected by the speed at which we kill them? If so, that's pretty unfair, as we are legitimately killing them for rewards in a fair manner. And when I say fair, killing Draksis and the Gatelord were also both reasonably fair ways to use your strange coins. Stop catering to players that have saved up strange coins since year 1 and just make three of coins cost something else that drops. Who's idea was it to cost STRANGE COINS in the first place? If you wiped out all strange coins on the release of TTK then you'd know that these can be time consuming to get ahold of. They are earned. It's not different than using 10+ to buy an exotic. You nearly use 8 to make an exotic drop, which is nearly random, and may not even roll for your class. This change was a pure waste of time and nearly meaningless to a system that would have been way better with a new tender. EDIT: I used catering in the wrong way; I meant stop making useless nerfs because players who were fortunate enough to save had a type of advantage. Do not punish them. And do not punish players who farmed those strange coins because each coin is a measurement of time. 1 strange coin could = 5-10 minutes of time. Draksis takes all of 2-3 minutes to do at the cost of 5-8 coins to get an exotic. An engram is what? 10+ coins? More of your time goes into the engrams purchasable. The point is: you should have made a new currency bungie.

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