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Editado por A muddy taco: 12/4/2015 7:36:15 AM

Fusion pistol !

Yes, I want it !


No, I don't want it !


Meh 乁( •_• )ㄏ


Hey Guardians, I was thinking about what I really wanted to see in Destiny when it suddenly hit me ! I've been a huge halo player for very long and one weapon I really miss is surprisingly enough the plasma pistol, like the one in Halo CE ! I remember it being a power house like no other, enabling you to either shoot really fast bursts or charge it like a fusion rifle to quickly take the enemiy shields out ! I think a fusion rifle like that would fit in destiny, having both the traditional "shotgun" mode and a fast firing mode like a side arm ! Because sometimes you simply don't have the time to charge it and just need to shoot fast ! What do you think ?

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