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Trial Mode but I've purchased everything

Hello I've been playing destiny since its third week. Purchased expansion 1 the dark below expansion 2 the house of wolves the expansion pack that gives me the right to play what I've already purchased on the PlayStation 4. I purchased the taken king. Everything works perfectly fine on my playstation 3. I happily just purchased a PlayStation 4 this past Black Friday. I have successfully downloaded expansion 1, expansion 2, the season pass, the Taking King stand alone. I waited a grueling 33 hours to download 37gigs of data. With great anticipation I started the game picked my character then when I was in orbit I noticed trial mode in the top left corner and I have no access to anything. Everything besides the tower and some patrols says requirements not met. Yet when I load my destiny on my playstation 3 everything works perfectly fine and everything that's related in the PlayStation Store says it has already been purchased meaning I own the license to play what I have rightfully paid for. This is terribly inconvenient and puts me off on the whole idea of downloading games from the PlayStation Network. I deleted everything destiny related on my playstation 4 and redownloaded it. I had to wait another 12 hours to download 18 gigs worth of information and when that was finally done I was still in trial mode with no access to the game that I dropped 75 extra dollars on. What am I to do now? I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this

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