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Hablemos de Destiny.
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Well...I am a alpha player. I have done everything there is to do in this game (except for oryx hard and I'll get that done eventually). I have gone flawless several times, carried the sword to Croat's skull, helped more blind people than I can count with the relic in VoG. Skolas, whell, I killed him a few times but it was still....Skolas. I am literally sitting in the delivery room while my wife gets her last few minutes if rest after a 34 hour labor process. In a little after 5 am est Sunday morning, my wife will be pushing out our little man...a future guardian. And while I have had tons of fun and entertainment on Destiny up through TTK, the greatest guardian I will ever be is the one watching over my son and his mother. I probably won't be playing as much as I used to, but that's ok. Hopefully Bungie holds this ship together and keeps with their 10 year plan and I can show my little man what it was like to down Atheon for the first time. Well guardians, wish me luck as I venture into the hardest, longest, and most rewarding quest I've ever encountered...I'm pretty sure the XP gained is pretty rediculous too. Shit....almost forgot to throw on a 3 of Coin! Edit: after 24 hours in labor and 3 hours of pushing we have our baby boy...he's gonna be a titan for sure.

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