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11/27/2015 2:07:08 PM

Does Bungie Play Destiny? Raid Questions...

Even the developers must feel the pain of the loot rewards in the raid right? If they sincerely play the game without being handed the best gear, there must be legitimate non-trolling feedback that the current system is painfully grindy. It's been 3 weeks for me and I haven't moved a light level. I have 17 hard mode completions and have received one 320 piece of gear. That means I've had 84 other opportunities to get a 320 piece of gear. Let's concur this isn't a balanced system. In addition, I have never received a helmet over 310, and the only reason I have any 310 helmets currently is because I've infused from exotics. The highest light level helmet I received before infusing them up was 304. The system needs a fix. I recommend two fixes: 1. Since shards are mostly useless, we should be able to apply them to gear to up their light level. Like maybe 50 shards ups a piece of gear by one light level. 2. When loot drops, it should always be at least one light level above what is equipped up to 320. So if gauntlets drop for me when I currently have 318 equipped, the only possible levels the new drop could be are 319 & 320. There, it's all fixed. :)

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