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Don't bro me if you don't know me (Refer-a-Friend) [XBOX ONE]

I've been doing this for a while... and by this, I mean the whole Bungie thing blah blah blah. I'm old, but not outdated. If you somehow found your way to, sifted through the numerous amount of hopeless "Refer-a-Friend" recruitment post and thought this might be a good time to start playing a freshly licensed copy of Destiny: The Taken King; well then you are dumb. Although, there is till hope for you yet. See that [u]link[/u] above ^^^ this post? The one with the 12 character code at the end of it? Yeah, that's for someone who either [b]A:[/b] spent retail price for another copy of TTK just to squeeze out a few exclusives because scrubs. Or [b]B:[/b] has never experienced Destiny before and is in for a world of amazement and joyous adventure for the first time. Eventually you'll also discover that the mundane taste of vanilla has depleted your enthusiasm to continue playing, but lets just take it for what it is at first glance. Regardless if you are in that [b]A[/b] or [b]B[/b] category; I'm here to get you through the good, the bad, the funny and the sad. The do as you must and in thy [url=]Titan Bros[/url] we trust. I will treat you with tales of the olden days and teach you the new way newbs play. We will share the epic loots and those shitty RNG 300 raid boots. My name is Caboose for a good reason. So fare warning if you choose me to be your veteran mentor throughout your initial trials in Destiny. Also, welcome! -Caboose

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