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Editado por BloodyTenshi84: 11/24/2015 8:24:21 AM

F*ck Your Refer A Friend B*llshit

Pissed the f*ck off! Spent a whole f*cking hour trying to find a f*cking friend to refer to your c*nt ass game! Can't even f*cking do it or get the good shit from it! It's only for stupid f*cking PS4 and XBOX one players?! F*ck you Bungie and f*ck your stupid game! Spend $200 on your c*nt of a game and this is how you treat your community?! LOOOOOOOOOOL Way to leave behind all of your Guardians who have been there from day one, just for nothing!! Cheers to you f*ckheads!

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