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Iron Ghost Shell, Were you disappointed?



Yes, but i worked hard so i'm gonna use it anyway.




Bungie, please change the skin of the iron ghost, all week i've been making time for IB, leveling up, and wonder just what oh what could that beautiful ghost shell look like. Only to get it and find out its the ugliest ghost shell i've ever seen. I mean the Trials ghost looks better than this. I don't mean the shape of it, the shape is fine. I'm talking about the texture, Wheres the Gold? The iron tree? the wolves? This is just a plain looking ghost shell and i'm kind of disappointed. i've seen fan made ghost shells that look 10x more awesome than this. please maybe if you get a moment you can change it so its cooler? its kind of dumb to work so hard for something so... plain. On a better note though, the loot drops for this iron banner are great, nothing needs changed. Good job.

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