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Hablemos de Destiny.
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Ways we can help Destiny stay alive!

Free DLC's


Dedicated Servers


More Events


Bigger & Better Storyline


hey all, i've decided to make this post/poll because im a huge fan of destiny, and other games such as BO3 but not as much as Destiny. i have been looking through the forums lately and have seen lots of posts about leaving destiny or moving on to another game, there are lots of reasons like, bad connection, cheaters etc. [i]thats why i made this post, ways we can help keep destiny alive and hopefully bungie can see! please dont put any hate comments as it will just bring the attitude of the post down. also do not comment anything about 'whats the point of posting this crap & all, destiny's already dead' and etc. i hate these type of comments and that is why i made this post, so hopefully bungie can see this and maybe finally use our ideas.[/i] please, everyone hope and cross their fingers that bungie will at least use one way or for the sake of destiny, to use one of these suggestions to keep destiny alive and going! im really heartbroken to see not that much people playing and moving on, that is why we need bungie to listen to the community! the community knows it, bungie knows it, destiny is already dead. that is why we need better things for destiny! it even takes me about 10 mins to find a fireteam from matchmaking for strikes as i always need to find people from the forums or groups and i am really, really disappointed but i know its not the communities' fault, its most certain its bungie. please comment any more ways or suggestions as i will put them in the poll bc we know we need more ways to keep destiny alive! also, feel free to comment things i have missed out that are some important and essential things for this post.
#Destiny #ALIVE

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