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11/7/2015 8:22:11 PM

Router resets only while playing Destiny

Over the last few days my router/modem (Technicolor C2000T with CenturyLink 1Gb Fiber, hardwired to Xbox over CAT6) has started resetting while playing Destiny. The connection drops across the household and everything comes back up after about 30-45 secs. I haven't made any changes to my network config. Everything has worked fine for over a year. The only other network traffic is typical services running on my Windows box (which I even shut down as a test). It seems to happen every 10-45 mins. So far I've only found this to happen while playing Destiny. I even left Hulu playing for several hours while I worked on something else just to see if I could get another connection drop - but nothing. I always get error code "baboon" or "weasel" which offer me zero information other than "my network connection dropped" - yeah, I figured that part out on my own... I've checked to make sure ports aren't blocked, I've reviewed the router system logs (which are very minimal) and I can't track down anything that could be causing the problem. I have CenturyLink sending me a new router in case the hardware has gone bad but it won't get here for a few days and I'm not even sure if that's the problem. I upgraded the router's firmware after I had been experiencing the problem and it didn't change anything. I unplugged router and Xbox One to do a full reset several times. No luck. Any suggestions?

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