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Editado por ArmanGhotra: 11/4/2015 11:43:01 PM

Small tweak to vastly improve the hard mode raid drop system!!

Let's say you kill Golgoroth and you find normal boots and moldering shards. What can you conclude? Your normal raid roll gave you normal boots, and your hard raid roll gave you moldering shards. Because you're doing hard mode, those should be SWITCHED. If a normal roll ever rolls on any gear piece, while the hard roll gives you shards, the game should detect that and then cause you to get moldering shards from the normal reward, and a hard raid grade boots. Find a normal raid weapon from warpriest and moldering shards? Essentially this tweak should make it moldering shards and a hard mode weapon (make the moldering shards go to normal raid roll and the weapon roll to hard mode) Find double moldering shards? leave the hard roll the same (rngesus has to be allmighty) but replace the normal roll's shards with a normal item. Find a normal weapon and a hard mode weapon? well good for you.

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