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The Taken King.... More like The Taken Kontent

Never have I played a game that removed content and put it all behind a paywall. This is a new low in the video game industry, and Activision and Bungie should be ashamed of themselves. I can no longer play the only things I enjoyed in the game, as they were all taken away. I was thinking about buying TTK, but couldn't afford it just yet. So, I figured I would just do weeklies, play control, do some higher level strike playlists, and maybe some Iron Banner when it drops. Well, can't do any of that now. As a result of this under-handed business tactic, I will not be purchasing TTK, as I cannot support developers who treat their customers this way. Now, before your even mention the EULA, know that there are consumer protection laws for some people, that prevent anyone from agreeing to an unfair contract, even if they previously accepted this agreement. And, I believe they are in violation of these LAWS, which the EULA is not. *EDIT: for those interested, I have filed formal complaints with the BBB, as well as the Washington State Attorney General's Office Consumer Protection Division. I guess we will see just how far Bungie is legally allowed to take things, and if they are legally in the wrong. As consumers, it is our right to complain of injustices, regardless of EULA's. Anyone refuting this fact is nothing short of ignorant. Now we will see what the law has to say. *Edit: it's amazing how toxic this community is. It seems there is no camaraderie in this community, and people just resort to personal attacks at the first sign of someone having a different opinion, or a genuine issue with the product. Bungie, in my opinion, made a shitty decision, and showed they don't care for anyone who does not purchase TTK, and all the fanboy's can't see past their blind love for the game. So I pose a question to everyone. Ignoring the EULA, what do you think of the way Bungie has handled this expansion roll-out with regards to those that have not purchased it? Put yourselves in their shoes, and give an honest answer. *Edit: For those that care, the BBB complaint has been processed, and Activision has until October 02, 2015 to respond. Apparently hundreds of people have filed complaints against Activision for various games, with amicable resolutions. There is hope. *Edit: just to clear a misunderstanding. I own the game and the first 2 expansions. I paid over $100 for all that just like everyone else. I don't want anything for free. I just want what I have always had... What everyone always had. *Edit: So, Activision responded to my complaint, and had the following to say: [quote]I understand your frustrations, I have dealt with other cases similar to yours. Unfortunately we are not in a situation to provide refunds or compensation. Unfortunately the only thing I am capable of doing for you is to pass along any feedback you might have. I do not know if this policy will change in the future. If there was more I could do, I would do it with no questions asked. For now if you have any more feedback please feel free to update this case along with your Gamertag/PSN ID. Thank you for your time and have a good day.[/quote] They assume that all I want is money. I just want the features back. I already responded to them, and the BBB case. It seems Activision really doesn't care to solve the issue... big surprise there. *Edit: For those that have not seen this. If Bungie is forced to do this, does that not mean their EULA was in violation of these customer's rights? They are forced to right a wrong, and have been given a reasonable window in which to address it. And yes, they are providing storage upgrades. [url][/url] *Edit: To all those following this, I have just received a response back from the Attorney General's Office Consumer Protection Division of Washington State. They have reviewed my complaint, and deemed it appropriate to move forward. Note, this is a law office deeming this a valid complaint regarding the Consumer Protection Act. So, if they see this as a valid complaint, what right does anyone else have to label this otherwise? They know the law better than you. *Edit: This may be my final edit. For those interested, it appears you can get a refund on your purchase by sending your disc into Activision, and requesting a refund. As per Bungie's EULA, if you do not agree with the terms therein, you are entitled to a refund. So, any guardians out there that don't agree with what happened, and would like a refund, just send your disc to Activision and request one. One final note, should you do this, Bungie will apparently delete your characters and Destiny account from their servers; you have been warned.

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