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Imprecation vs. Pulse Rifles + Shotguns. Challenge for Bungie.

Bungie, I have one question: did you tested the quest to retrieve the gun first curse? I did the crucible part for two characters, but only when players used scout rifles and auto rifles, now for two days I see only users with shotguns and pulse rifles. So, how do I complete this quest having a shitty gun Imprecation? It is simply impossible, this gun is so bad, it's worse than variant for the test from the gunsmith. When I use it I just destroy my KD which is already low due to the poor performance of your servers. My suggestion, I want somebody from Bungie to play regular crucible with Titan (hunter not allowed) where everyone will use (except the person performing the quest) only the pulse rifles and shotguns, but with "normal" players (players from a different region, so the connection will be bad enough) , make a video as he was doing this quest, and we'll see how he will do it. I already spent 6 hours in inconclusive attempts to complete this part of quest at the end of the week. *** Updated/ I did it finally. but i'm still angry and think that this gun "Imprecation" need a range buff to be on par with other similar type handcannons.

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