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11/2/2015 2:18:44 PM

Need to Contact Bungie Staff RE: Questions for Development of Community Tools

Hi Bungie Mods! I have some questions about the info Bungie provides us about our in-game performance, specifically Combat Rating. I am working on developing a new set of tools and informational resources for the Crucible LFG community, which I believe is currently in a state that is ripe for reform and reinvigoration. While I am pursuing multiple avenues of input, I know that I, and I think the Crucible Community, would greatly appreciate some direct input from the creators of our shared world. Please PM me if you are the person I am seeking to contact or you can put me in touch with them. I appreciate all the work you guys do, and I thank you regardless of whether anyone has enough free time to indulge my questions. As always, thanks for making such a great game! -APuddle210

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