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Orb Generation: Old vs New

Orb generation is balanced between all classes


Orb generation needs a complete rework


Orb generation could use small adjustments


Current players ought to be able to vouch for this, but it's something I've noticed personally I want to talk about. For a long time, Striker and Bladedancer have been rather underwhelming in the Super department (Striker also in the melee department, but that's another post for another time (that others have made)). Whether that's orb generation (less so for Striker) or ability to kill the things you need dead (less so for Striker). Now take a look at the new subclasses, two of which are super-states like Arc Blade. Arc Blade (tested it myself) could not kill an armored Centurion on the Hive ship. But both the Sunbreaker and Stormcaller could. Arc Blade does not generate orbs for lesser enemies killed, and generates fewer for armored targets than other Supers. All three *new subclasses rain orbs, one for every kill and more for armored kills. Basically, a swing of the Arc Blade should equal a throw of a Titan's Hammer of Sol, if not more focused because of the lack of blast damage. This should not affect PvP (basically, increased damage against "minions of Darkness"). Orb generation should be brought in line with the new classes as well. It only makes sense. This is not to say the new classes should be brought down. In a wide area, the new orb generation allows for cooperative come-backs in dire situations (like you'd expect from warriors using space magic to fight an army). This is also a long-standing issue (to my group of friends anyway). This is also not to say that all classes should generate a ton of orbs like Defenders or Nightstalkers. If I were to really say what I think, I think all orb generation should be tweaked so support classes do the least relative damage but generate the most orbs while the other two ramp up as they move away from support into damage. Warlocks, orbs to damage: Sunsinger to Voidwalker to Stormcaller. Titans, orbs to damage: Defender to Striker to Sunbreaker. Hunters, orbs to damage: Nightstalker to Gunslinger to Bladedancer. This also not to say that the support classes should be unable to get kills, especially the Sunsinger who has shown the ability to rip into bosses with flurries of Fusion Grenades. This is also not to say that damage classes shouldn't get orbs when actually using their super and killing enemies, like Sunbreaker and Stormcaller that rain orbs on the battlefield when things die. All in all, the bottom line is that orbs are unbalanced from class to class. This doesn't affect me much, as a player who loves support and mains Defender with Iron Harvest, etc., but it does need addressing...

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