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publicado originalmente en:Atomic Nova Bomb
Editado por Risenbody PSN: 12/23/2015 8:32:54 PM

Promoting Current Alliances!!

It has come to my attention that I should be promoting all these new Alliances we have made over the last couple weeks, so while I'm at work wasting company time this is what I shall do!! [quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][b][u]501st Legion of Warlocks[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]Mahoyeme[/b] Founder: [i][/i][/quote] [quote][b][u]Asphyxiate The Darkness[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]ToKesT1LLCH0kES[/b] Founder: [i][/i][/quote] [quote][b][u]Divine Radiance[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]AntiCatastrofik[/b] Founder: [i][/i][/quote] [quote][b][u]Golden Mustangz[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]XxCORROSIVE909xX[/b] Founder: [i][/i][/quote] [quote][b][u]GuardianS of the OpaquE[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]MeriKthaCrazeD[/b] Founder: [i] -Official But Unoffical- \( - , ^ )/[/i][/quote] [quote][b][u]Hard Measure[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]PoppinCherries[/b] Founder: [i][/i][/quote] [quote][b][u]inescapable chaos[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]SurvivalGamersTV[/b] Founder: [i][/i][/quote] [quote][b][u]Keepers of The Zoo[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]KimCrysis[/b] Founder: [i][/i][/quote] [quote][b][u]Knights of Kabr[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]cv imobnoxious[/b] Founder: [i][/i][/quote] [quote][b][u]Thrall For One[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]Fizz[/b] Founder: [i] -Unofficial but I hang out here quite a bit ; ] [/i][/quote] [quote][b][u]Sparr0w Racing Legends[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]emeraldmage14[/b] Founder: [i][/i][/quote] [quote][b][u]SquigglyJuiceBoxes[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]longdongdaddy[/b] Founder: [i][/i][/quote] [quote][b][u]Where is Xur[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]Moose2014OA[/b] Founder: [i][/i][/quote] [quote][b][u]xTEAM FUSEx[/u]:[/b] [i][/i] [b]jamie palmer[/b] Founder: [i][/i][/quote][/quote][/quote][/quote][/quote] These are our current Alliance mates and I would advise everyone to join their group page in order to meet up with everyone around the [i]"Alliance Block"[/i]. [i]I will be making updates to this listing as it grows more within the upcoming weeks, but I would also like the founders of these groups to post about themselves and let everyone here know what their about when it comes down to their Destiny overall goals! -- As far as other groups/clans trying to come up within the ranks, they may also promote themselves with the comments below: post about yourself, like the main post, and that will make this forum go further up the chain within the #Clans section of's forums listing.[/i] Good hunting everyone!! :] [quote][i]Example of a question about my group/clan for further reading (Click the spoiler below) to give you more of an idea of what I'm about and this is a live response with no edits: [/i][/quote][spoiler][quote]ImGunnaBlowYouUp [Report] 22m ago [i]Hello I'm the new guy I was invited by risen and I read the description so you guys are manly PS3 players[/i] Risenbody PS3PS4 17m ago [i]The main chunk of it right now is Ps3, but right as I'm typing this I'm also correcting that, and making it more of a dual relationship between the two. Overall, this group is going to eventually convert into Ps4 anyways due to more games only going exclusive to the Ps4. Now as far as the clan goes I will keep it like it is for the time being, but that doesn't say the group is closed by any means, anyone can join it doesn't matter what system you currently are. I hope that makes sense to you guys :][/i] Risenbody PS3PS4 16m ago [i]The group is to help each other and to overall communicate in a proper manner to obtain your goals within Destiny and any other game for that matter as far as I see it.[/i] Risenbody PS3PS4 9m ago [i]So talk about what ever topic you want and try to keep it clean. Now as far as group/clan promoting goes I do not permit it, but I might let it slide once depending how I feel about it.[/i] Risenbody PS3PS4 14m ago [i]I've posted a promotion forum for that sort of thing and anyone can promote their stuff in there within the comments, now if you guys hit the like arrow or star it will boost the posts popularity and get it higher within it's # locations, so try and keep that in mind (Bump the post and like the post in short).[/i][/quote][/spoiler] [quote][i]The one about the Atomic Nova Bomb Group and Risenbody's personal attendance within it.[/i][/quote][spoiler][quote]Risenbody PSN 9m ago [i]The group is fully open to all that wish to enter and the wall is free to use for who ever, either it be about lfg seeking or just shooting the breeze (just keep it clean and fun). Personally I play a multitude of games, but if you add me off PSN, just know my voice channel is always open to who ever needs help inside Destiny and I'll do my best if I got the time in real life :][/i] Risenbody PSN 8m ago [i]Our admins are also fully active to respond to any wrong doings if the case ever does come up in the future as well, so please let us know if we have a bad apple inside the group XP.[/quote][/i][/spoiler]

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