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10/5/2015 11:56:45 PM

All the hype with Sleeper Simulant.... Is going to make it feel like a disappointment....

You know one thing that made Gjallarhorn awesome? There was no hype. People bought it week 2 or they didn't, and those that did learned how great it was..... Have you ever wanted to see a movie so bad and all your friends saw it, and for some reason you had to wait a week or two to see it? And then you saw it.... And it was okay. I have seen so many posts on the Sleeper Simulant, and don't get me wrong, the chase is fun, but I guarantee you it isn't worth the hype. It will not be Gjallarhorn. It is a fusion rifle, it will be cool,but not THIS cool. Rant over, comment if you like!

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