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10/21/2015 8:23:17 PM

I just witnessed an attempt to cover up a kidnapping...

I was just minding my own business, walking down the street to go get a bagel. Then i happened to pass by an alleyway where i saw two men carrying what appeared to be an unconscious woman. The men appeared to be caucasian and while one was a bit younger (mid 20's i'd guess), the other man was much older. He had wild looking, ungroomed white hair, and appeared to be wearing a white coat of some sort. The men seemed in a hurry, and they quickly placed the body in the alley and covered her with some nearby trash. I immediately left to find help, but by the time i returned to the alley both men and their unusual looking car were gone. I was able to lead the police to the woman's body however, and found her to be alive. The cops said they would find out where she lived and take her home, and that i was free to go. What a crazy day this has been...

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