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10/20/2015 12:07:29 AM

Enter n00b Titan

[b]Choose your destiny[/b] [quote]The darkness is coming back, we will not survive it this time[/quote] -The Speaker [b]SO I BEGAN AS A TITAN[/b] I started playing destiny a few months back, and as per usual picked up this new shiny game and within a couple of weeks I had put it back down again. It wasn't until I got a couple of friends playing with me that I recently picked it back up. Now since that time there were some major changes and updates in the entire workings of the game and I can completely say with [i]100% honesty[/i] that I'm [b]hooked[/b]! In my first article I'm going to talk about how I went from a weak frail Titan with a light of around 3 to a decked exotic/legendary equipped guardian that can pretty much handle any challenge, quest or mission. [b]First off![/b] learn your [i]chest farms[/i]! Chest farms are an awesome way to gain the loot you need to upgrade weapons that you will continue to earn in the future each time you level up, and can sometimes even be included in rare engrams that are [i]randomly earned[/i] from gathering the loot from chests. Now, [i]chest farming[/i] doesn't become too crucial, as I said: [b]until you need the loot material to upgrade weapons you get in the future i.e swords and heavy weapons[/b]. But in the mean time, the act of farming is an awesome way to guarantee [i]glimmer[/i] each time you open a chest. Now, glimmer tends to become less important when it comes to level 40 gear as you only really will use it for weapon upgrades and when you're getting [b]300+[/b] glimmer per chest, and each weapon upgrade is only around [b]200[/b] glimmer... And you're opening 6 chests per farming lap, you tend to earn bulk glimmer faster than you can spend it. But as an earlier level guardian it is helpful when you want to buy a new ship or sparrow from the [i]shipwright[/i], but these things are merely cosmetic upgrades. To profit from chest farming you need to grind your way to the planet Mars, and then life will be good for you. YouTube holds a bunch of awesome videos on the best chest farming routes ( [url=]link[/url] ) but Mars, in my opinion, is the most fruitful. Later on I will realise that the dreadnaught chest farm contains a lot better loot in the chests, but this comes as no surprise because you have to be a better level guardian to unlock the dreadnaught, so it's fairly equal loot to character level. Now the Mars chest farm has about 6 chests In one lap and the lap is literally a giant square that takes about 1 minute to complete, and the chests tend to respawn during this time so it's awesome! Not only will you gain [i]glimmer[/i] and [i]engrams[/i] from these chests, they also contain [b]motes of light[/b], [b]ship blueprints[/b] and the notorious [b]strange coins[/b]. So this is an extremely fast way to stack up your weapons and armour, as well as materials that are crucial to upgrades later in the game and always pay to have from an early stage. It is also a good way to farm motes of light which as you learn, are crucial to a quick upgrade short cut. Once you use these motes, it will upgrade whatever [i][u]equipped[/u][/i] gear you have, which will of course improve your light and get you pwning enemies faster. Have a go at chest farming guys and in the next article I'll discuss how [i]prison of elders [/i]helped me a lot from early on, and semi helps when you're level 40 and [b]Xur[/b] comes to visit... But all in good time my [i]Destinys[/i] child. This is Leighton on [b]Destinys Destination[/b], happy gaming!

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