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10/19/2015 8:08:38 PM

A proposition to improve the current loot and infusion system (raid gear limitation)

Alternative Title: Permit to infuse armors between armor type! Hey everyone, I was thinking about the current loot system and the huge quantity in randomness in the new raid loot. It's hard to get a full raid set and even if you have one, you might get easily stuck around 305 just because you did not have the chance to loot boots or gloves greater than 303. What is the solution? It's a complicated problem... some people wish that the etheric light system would come back (maxing your equipment easily), but that might make it too simple to become 310. What I propose? A system between etheric light and the current infuse from Y2. It's quite simple really. Some of us just loot plenty of raid gloves but we never have the chance to loot chest or helmets. The solution would be to permit to infuse any kind of armors with any other kind of armors. You could then infuse boots with some of those extra gloves you got from the raid. That way, you still want to do the raid, and you're not disappointed because you got those gloves for the 10th time while still missing those damn boots! And even if you manage to max out without all of the raid gear, you'll still want that sweet loot! (because having those raid armors can be truly helpful, yes I'm looking at you Hard Mode!). What is the limit of this system? When you get to 300+, you could start using any 310 exotic armor to upgrade all of your armors to 310. Is it really problematic? I don't think so. Why? Because you can do it already. Yes the new system would allow you to infuse ANY armor with those 310 exotics, but that costs a lot, and I'm pretty sure that the infuse calculation could get changed in order to consider this modification (using an exotic armor to infuse a legendary one would provide only half as much as before? Three quarter? It's only math, we can find a new value that will make it work!) What do you think?

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