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Editado por The Gunslick: 10/19/2015 2:27:47 AM

Jolly Hellhole (Chaperone Exotic Quest)

I know I am not alone in thinking "Shindig in the Crucible" is one of the most difficult PVP quest steps to ever appear in the game; even more so than Thorn's PVP step. Bungie, do you have any intention to modify this quest line to be a little more reasonable? My fellow Guardians, do [i]you[/i] think this step is excessive in difficulty and should be changed, or do you think the Chaperone justifies the difficulty of this task? We can't [i]all[/i] be experts in the Crucible, friends. I really think it needs to be modified so it's somewhat less punishing; after the recent nerf to the accuracy of Hand Cannons across the board The Last Word is a major hinderance. The severe punishment for death encourages camping/boosting, ignoring objectives and altogether is having a negative impact on how people are playing the game. Please comment your thoughts, experiences, etc.

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