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10/12/2015 10:43:31 PM

kicked when i play Oryx Daugters

Kicked because [quote]you are a terrible runner[/quote]. This guy that i cant write his ID on this site, is a bastard, literaly is a son of her mother that kicks 4 people on the Daugters part, beacuse [quote]They are noobs, bad runners rat kids (cry babies) and dumps[/quote] This is my second time that im been kicked playing on a raid, the first one was on Skolas now here ? When Bungie have to notice abouth that kind of people ? People that saided [quote]if you dont have th Ghorn you are a noob, you are a Dreg[/quote] Now they are asking for +300 players. I want to finish Oryx i want to have the raid gear, i want to have peace and we want respect of that kind of people.

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