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10/10/2015 1:41:05 PM

Error with PHP auth?

I'm using the PHP auth code found here [url][/url]. I'm using my xbox live account details and when it gets to this line: [quote]preg_match('/id\="i0327" value\="(.*?)"\//', $auth_result, $ppft);[/quote], if I try to var_dump $ppft, it's an empty array, causing it to not flow in to the [quote]if (count($ppft) == 2) {[/quote] block. If I print out $auth_result, I get [quote]Object moved to here.[/quote] where here is a link containing this url: [url][/url] By [quote]$ppft[/quote] being an empty array, it never finishes the third party auth. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks

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