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10/10/2015 12:17:51 PM

Bout ta get HAWT

It has come to my attention that something big is about to drop. Oryx is droppin his mixtape! If you preorder now he will include glimmer and accessories, free of charge. But wait hold up. Theres more!!! Two guests will be featured on this epic tape. Young Cayde and Homie Speekur da Thug(galicious O.G.). Look out for these flamin hot tracks! -Xur, Them Exotics ain't Erotic -BootyBandit Strikes again -Eris wants Deez Nutz -R.I.P Dinklebot -Guardian down...Ayyy lmao And more!!! You're missing out! It's in one easy payment. Give your soul to Oryx to acquire this one and only album. Look for his mixtape today "That Dread Life". Hurry and order now while the offer still stands. Oryx: "6v1 me. You know I like it rough. It will get hard. Trust me I won't soften up. Don't make me come at you bro." This is the Taken King after all. Call this number and order "That Dread Life" today. 866-740-4531
#hot #oryx #mixtape

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