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10/9/2015 4:54:58 PM

Missing arsenal weapons pack for PS4!!

I have scoured all of the Bungie website, I can not find any support relating to people who are missing the Weapons pack that comes with the collectors edition for PS4. The unhelpful information I could find was to to check and make sure the content was downloaded in my Add-ons, which it is. Then I checked to see if this problem was occurring on my other characters, which it was. I also own the collectors edition for PS3. The same problem occurs on the PS3 for me. Bungie put out an update that they were looking into the problem for XBox players. I am here to report that this issue is also occurring on both Playstations. I also would like my weapons pack because I paid $40 for it. Bungie, please respond with new and useful information versus, "We're working on it."

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