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Editado por slimdeathstar: 10/6/2015 12:07:11 AM

Broken quest for sword. Not working at all.

The quest is broken


The quest is broken


The quest is broken


I've collected 245 relic iron, and killed countless enemies with void damage in over an hour. Still no relic crystals. That's 0%. 5% on void kills? If this is a grind. It is excessively redundant. this game isn't FarmVille. If this a 24 hour grind for an exotic. It will be a deleted quest in no time. As a Titan. With a new solar sun breaker class. Do you want me to put on my armentarium-----that u nerfed the discipline on. And endlessly throw -blam!-ing grenades into a loot cave for 2 -blam!-ing weeks? PS. I've never used bad language on this site. I hope this quest is broken. Because I'm sure hoping BUNGIE developers don't want someone to play this game like this. Edit; apparently there is a cave where Titans chuck there grenades into for over an hour. It doesn't solve the relic crystal garbage, or excessive grind. I'm close to deleting my account. I quit after TDB. The grind was too much. Didn't buy how, and now Ive started to regret ttk.

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