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Strike Concept - Dagger of Worms

It occured to me that we haven't actually got a strike with a Taken as a boss yet. Even in the Raid it's mostly Hive. So heres an idea. Note: If you have any suggestions for this idea or corrections to my grammar, spelling or lore, they are all very much appreciated. Boss Sketch - [b]Dagger of Worms[/b] Quest giver: Eris Morn Boss: Mavork, Dagger of Nokris Summary: A knight in service to Nokris has been tasked to retrieve fragments of the Taken King's worm. The knight has now gained authority within the remnants of the Taken horde, and must now be destroyed before he returns to his master or usurps him and his forces. [b]Mechanics: [/b]Guardians can wield a blade bound with Taken energy, called a Warped Dagger in this strike. Functionally identical to the Blade of Crota. However at points it must be used to open portals to escape hazards or seal portals to prevent enemies spawning. [b]Boss fight:[/b] Mavork resembles a knight, with dark purple armour but has features on his limbs resembling that of a Taken. His head also contains a writhing mass of white worms that extend from his mouth whenever he roars. He carries a segmented shield on his left arm and his sword is noticeably more slender than other knights weapons. Mavork can attack with both his sword and with darkness blasts from his hands. Whenever he roars he will spawn either Taken or Hive depending what dimension he's in. After taking a certain amount of damage or a certain amount of time has passed, he will warp into another dimension. Player must kill a Knight to get it's Warped Dagger and run around the arena, until the sword exposes the portal. Players can then damage the portal to travel through it and continue the fight. If the sword is dropped for too long it will disappear. If this happens, after Mavork teleports to another dimension, Adds will spawn until a Knight with a Warped Dagger spawns allowing players to continue the fight. When Mavork is at 50% health, whenever he exits a dimension, blades of energy will continuously rise out the ground while the Guardians are present. After he's defeated, his body is ripped apart by space, leaving the worm to be shot and looted by the Fireteam. Strike Drops: Twisted Dagger Mark (Titan Class Item) - Based on the robe worn by Mavork, featuring a glowing cloth and the Hive knives hanging from it's belt. Quote: [i]"I took the knife in my hands, but my cuts were shallow and my new shape brittle and crude."[/i] Edit 1: Added image of Mavork. Edit 2 : Added Strike drop idea.

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