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PS4 King Falls Raid finder/Nightfall.

hope this help in a way, make sure you find your partner guardian


make sure you edit that comment section


[i]You know what to do, post the name below in the comments but here's some rules.[/i] [u]Rule #1[/u]: [i]if you need the following guardian in the raid and your team is full... Edit your comment saying [/i] [b]full fire team[/b] [i]a lot of people are tired adding people with full team and just stuck in or orbit don't what to do, and when a person flank have the right to post or edit that comment section again. [/i] [u]Rule #2[/u]: [i]its been 1 or 2 weeks since the taken king has been out and people are just getting the feel of it...I know , its no [b]Crota[/b] or [b]Atheon[/b] so give the new guardians a break okay?[/i] [u]Rule #3[/u]: [i]even tho people are lower lights they can be useful as of example [/i] [b]getting Golgoroth and or getting the tear between dimension on Oryx. [i]everyone is useful, don't make this a moment where before everyone needed a 365 gjallarhorn because it was ridiculous...[/i] [i]so let gear up guardian. And find our partners. [/i]

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