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Editado por Railgun: 9/28/2015 3:14:28 AM

Total Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon pictures.

It's hitting maximum in 3 minutes so I need to type this out fast. I'll be back to expand after it's over. I think we should have mini competition to see who can get the best image of the total eclipse happening. I certainly won't win if this happens because I have shit equipment So this is more of a thing I guess to let me, and others see good pictures because we can't actually take good ones ourselves. If you're chilling outside and watching this once in an almost 3 decade event awesome! If you're not... then what the hell are you waiting for! Livestream of Eclipse: If the weather isn't working out in your favour I feel for you, and hopefully you can see some good pictures in here to make up for it. My absolutely horrific picture. Of course I can't find batteries for my big fancy canon because I didn't bother to check to see if I had any before this happened. So all I got is my phone fml.

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