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9/26/2015 8:20:39 PM


Im a hunter. I love my hunter, but out of the 3 class, hunters got a really bad deals with the taken king. Why? Simple, Titans have a amazing new super attack, warlocks got lightning. But We got a bow amd arrow.... Really? Which can hardly kill anything, most of the time just tied up the enemy. Paralize for only few seconds. Doing my gunsmith ranking, I found out that "Favian strategie" only goes to Titan, like they already are not strong enought, Warlocks got an amazing Fusion rifle, but Hunters got a hand canon... yes it is good, but no equal to the weapons mentioned before. So I feel cheated... I got a Titan and Im planning on getting a Warlock, but as I said before IM A HUNTER and I would like this type to have something equal in quality and power as the other 2 class.

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