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9/25/2015 3:48:11 AM

Inactivity and Ignoring the CLAN + More

Alright Guardians, I just got done Reaping a member and then some for the crime of Ignoring the clan, inactivity and others for just not having the us as 'thier' main clan. i'll say this Once, THIS SHIT IS NOT ALLOWED! anyone found doing these acts will be KICKED immediately from the clan. We are a family, a pack, we do things together weather it be on the ps3 or ps4. its one thing to help friends out during raids and such but IT IS NOT OK to help a whole other clan for an entire week, there for ignoring your own. By all, means if you find another clan you wanted to join you are welcome to pack your stuff and leave, just don't expect us to welcome you back with open arms. UNDERSTOOD?! Now that that's done, on to better news, Leo Cuellar has created a Twitter page for the clan in an attempt to get us out there and get us noticed, please if you have a twitter add this page to your own feed. the link will be provided below. He will also be making a Face book page when he can, that will be provided when finished. I would like to thank my Admins for standing tall with me and helping me out when my hands were full and i will also like to thank all of you Guardians, for joining our clan, our family, our Pack and keeping up the fight against the Darkness, i have a feeling that Bungie hasn't shown us everything yet, so be ready for whatever lurks in the depths. Bless you all Guardians! [quote]Stalk the Darkness to Protect the Light[/quote] -Kiba Himura

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