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9/22/2015 10:09:52 PM

Old Armor Useless

You know, I'm a pretty experienced player and I'm not trying bitch at all when I say this, but I totally wish that I could bring up all my old gear to new day standards. I could care less about the weapons. I just want my old ghost angel cloak to not be useless. I want my sanction six gauntlets to not be a complete waist. I want my prime zealot greaves to do me some good instead of sit at "130". I had my character exactly how I wanted him to be. I wanted to play as him how he was. And now I don't even like any of the gear except for the freakin new raid helmet. Before I have the new raid scout and pulse but it doesn't do any justice as my VoC did. So sign here if you wish to be able to bring up your old favorite armor to new day standards that way they don't sit in your vault for nothing.

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