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Hablemos de Destiny.
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Destiny Tattoo? You Decide.

Hey all, In a couple weeks to a month, I'll be getting 2 or 3 tattoos. Currently have none. I'll be getting one personal one, a military related one, but also a Destiny related one if a good idea comes up in remembrance of Year 1. Give me some ideas or even mockups Guardians. 1. My personal tat will be of my kids names. 2. I've been out of the military for quite a few years now and am still in the best shape of my life. So enough with the grown out hair beer belly assumption lol. I don't even drink beer, and exercise and eat better than your average scrub. 3. I'm currently leaning toward the plain jane Hunter Symbol. It's my main, it's simple and decent. Why not? Not only that, but as a previous forward observer/sniper, the Hunter style I can characterize with. Edit: whoever said the Thorn Mark of the Devourer symbol is slowly swaying me. It looks BA.

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