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9/19/2015 9:33:24 PM

The First Curse: Dual-Wielding Possibilities?





Had an idea which I'm sure a lot of you have thought of while playing. Where is dual-wielding? Well, for this set it would make perfect sense and be pretty cool. The Last Word with The First Curse. Yes, I know they're both Exotics... but what if Bungie implemented dual-wielding? It wouldn't be a from start to finish thing... no no. If you have both (or maybe just The First Curse), if you get [X] amount of kills with TFC, you'd get a mini-super where you pull out The Last Word too. Dual-wielding these two for like 10 or so seconds only though. Idea is still in the works.. but it would be pretty cool to see dual-wielding. Possibly only certain weapons allowed it and it wouldn't give you an extra slot, that way it would reduce those from stacking two of the same weapons and be WAY stronger than intended.

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