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Where are the different difficulty Strikes and Story missions... or anything to do for non-TTK buyers!?

I have never posted anything before, but have been playing Destiny since it came out. The madness of this last update (and not buying the TTK expansion due to high cost) has lead me to ask this. Eagle, Viper, Wolf, Tiger, Roc, and Dragon Strike playlists are now all gone!? The only option is now level 20 and an Impossible option recommended for level 41!? I can't even enjoy the 2 new strikes on Mars for Xbox users, level 20 is to easy! Story missions only have the easy option also!? Bounties from Eris Morn and Petra Venj are gone!? Where is the replay value in taking everything away that I once enjoyed. As a non-TTK buyer ($40/$80 is ridiculous (See next paragraph)), I apparently now have basically NOTHING to play for (aside from POE and Raids which I have already done). There is no more Legendary items for me to obtain because they ALL require me to be a level 40 which I am not allowed to become. It makes things worse when I can't get the expansion for both Xbox 360 and One without paying for it twice!!! I bought the base game and expansion pass digitally on my 360 and last Dec I bought an Xbox One. I play Destiny with friends on both. I only paid once to have Destiny "Year One" on both of my consoles. Apparently not the same with The Taken King, WHY? Why do I have to pay $80 to get an expansion for the same gamertag on my two Xbox consoles!? I literally can't even describe the amount of loathing I have for what Bungie has done here. So Bungie, At the very least, Please bring back the content I already paid for: - Strike playlists and Story Missions in a difficulty to allow challenge for any level of characters. (this applies for all players as I played level 20 strikes with a level 38 player) - Weapons and Gear that I can make use of and strive to obtain as a level 34 player. (Level 34 Legendary stuff at least) OR Simply allow Non-TTK buyers to go to level 40 and somehow earn legendary marks (so I can try to get Legendary stuff from the vendors), (then I could actually have a reason to keep playing) Please listen Bungie!!! PLEASE!!!

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