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This is my last post before i play the Taken King....idea for Extending old and redundent year 1 content

This is my last post to help Bungie create a longer lasting game before I play the Taken King and feel the burn of disappointment (I hope not). Lets start off with one thing I have been fighting for since day 1 and now more than ever feel it is required for the redundant content from year 1, Optional Matchmaking. Since the raids and POE are being linked into quests, or so I have read, I feel that more than ever that matchmaking should be added into the normal modes of the year 1 end game content (VOG lv26, CE lv30 and POE lv32 + lv34), allowing this would help many new gamers who have less of a chance to play the content as nobody from year 1 would wish to play said content as it would not benefit them in anyway, this would also make the quest easier to accomplish. Personal view, I would rather have the chance to do the content than have no chance at all. Next is a suggesting for a new End game activity on par with Nightfall, a Raid mode called Under Siege. This would be a weekly activity random raid that is account locked so you can only play it once, the mode is simple a raid with Epic and Angry always on with 4 other modifiers (probably 2 random's, 1 helpful and 1 enemy buffer), the rewards are based off of the newest raid mixed with the old gear (you would earn both per checkpoint not only 1) and the level is the same as the Nightfall (lv40), Exotic drops are 100% guaranteed at the end, this mode keeps players coming back to the old content with a greater challenge than the Nightfall. Lastly, (thanks for making it this far) Me and others think that expanding current locations should be in the top priorities, that being said we feel that certain locations should unlock after completing certain activates, for example in the Archive mission on Venus you are asked to go into the Archive to retrieve date, you kill the boss, retrieve the data, mission over, once completed you should be able to venture back into the Archive during patrol and have it filled with a bunch of enemies, in this case the fallen and have one or a group be elites. This would add in a new area to explore (though not very big) new enemies to kill and earn rewards from, this idea would not work on missions that have used areas in reverse (this is just an easy fix for Bungie to not have to keep making new content in my opinion) but adds to the current patrol areas. On this note I would also like to see 6 man groups in a hard mode patrol setting where public events reward you better than in normal. That's all I could think of at this point, thank you for taking the time to read, tell me which you prefer in the comments below Stargazer Out

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