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9/14/2015 10:06:31 PM

Recruiting for Xbox 1

[b]Clan Name:[/b] [url=]My Unconquerable Soul[/url] [b]Clan Motto:[/b] "I've never seen anyone kick so much *** in my entire life." [b]Mission Statement:[/b] We are a clan of like-minded Guardians, who love to do Raids, PvP Events, and just free roam of all sorts. [b]Overall Clan Mood:[/b] My fellow Guardians and I are a strong bunch, who can hold there own in PvP, and PvE. Even though we joke around, when it comes time I got faith in the Clan. The funny moments are of abundance, we are just a chill group of Guardians that love to play Destiny. [b]Recruitment Status:[/b] We are looking for Guardians that are experienced with everything the game has to offer. Also strong players that can hold there own in PvP and PvE. [b]Ideal Candidate:[/b] We look for loyalty, honesty, strong, and good sense of humor. Thats all, we not looking for that MLG player although it would be nice, but a loyal, honest, strong hearted Guardian would be even better. [b]Closing Statement:[/b] If your a Guardian that needs a clan, and is loyal and strong. A Guardian that loves Raids, PvP, PvE, and free roam, We would love to welcome you to our home, My Fellow Guardian.

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