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9/14/2015 7:40:03 AM

Bungie Can't be contacted ?

I have been trying to get help with an issue where my $120 worth of Taken King content is only worth $40.... it's not working right one a second PS4. I am sure there is a fix, but it seems that Bungie has no way to actually contact them ? No support chat, no email, no phone..... a total lack of anything resembling live support. Is that right, or is the info just well hidden ? It seems unbelievable that a game that has made Bungie something like 1 Billion Dollars in Revenue (20 million guardians times $50/each.... it's probably more) doesn't have any actual help ? Can that be right ? Any suggestions for how to get through to someone who can help fix the issues would be greatly appreciated. Directing me to a semi-useless forum or other garbage isn't a solution. Or at least it has not been to date.

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